Qualcomm Flash Image Loader v2.0.1.1 Setup

Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) is a small Windows application that allows you to flash or install Stock Firmware on devices powered by Qualcomm Chipset. Here on this page, we have shared the latest version of the QFIL Tool and the previous versions.

Features of Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)
  • Clean Interface : QFIL is as easy to use as any one-click tool for Android devices. Just open the application, have any necessary drivers installed on the computer, connect your device with its USB cable and upload the firmware files from the interface to then flash them. For complete instructions, see the end of the article.
  • Portable Application : QFIL is a portable application, so you don’t have to install it on the computer. Just download and extract the package and then open up the QFIl application from its extracted folder and you’ll see the interface open up on the computer.
  • Log Box : QFIL comes with its own log box which will keep records of how the firmware flashing has gone. If there are any software errors with the flashing, you’ll see them displayed in the log box for you to then further investigate. These log codes are also a handy way to troubleshoot.
Download Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)
QFIL Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including Windows XP to Windows 10 (x32 or x64 bit). If in case you were looking for the latest version of the QFIL Tool, then use the following links to get it on your computer :

Download Link :

Take Into Account
  • Instructions : The above page is for downloading QFIL only. If you want instructions for how to flash your files, you can now check out how to use the Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) tool. 
  • Windows Compatible : The Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL) tool only works on Windows operating systems. The tool is currently compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It will likely be usable on any future versions of Windows as well. 
  • Back Up Data : You should always back up your data before you begin flashing new firmware files to your smartphone or tablet. All of your pictures, music, videos, documents, etc. should be still on your device after you have updated the firmware, but you may need to restore the contacts and applications from a backup. 
  • Official Tool : The Qualcomm Flash Image Loader tool is made by the official Qualcomm brand.

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